HLP-250 Hard Packing Machine

The HLP-250 is a type of hard packing machine that is used in the tobacco industry to pack tobacco products such as cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and snuff into containers or packets.

Hard packing machines typically use a series of mechanical devices, such as conveyors, feeders, and fillers, to move the tobacco products through the packing process. These machines are designed to be efficient and accurate, ensuring that the tobacco products are packed consistently and to the required specifications.

Model No.HLP-250
Power6 KW
Dimensions(L *W*H) 7070x6400x1820mm
Voltage220 V/380 V
Weight2.5 tons
Productivity250 Packs Per Minute

The HLP-250 is a specific model of hard packing machine that is made by a company called HLP Klearfold. It is a compact, high-speed machine that is capable of packing a wide range of tobacco products at rates of up to 250 packs per minute.

It is designed to be easy to operate and maintain, with a range of features such as automatic weight checking and error correction to ensure accurate packing and minimize waste.