Cigarette Packing Machines

Cigarette Packing Machines

The value of appearance and packaging is increasing day by day for any product. Cigarette companies like their product to be perfectly tightly packed and distinguish them from others. If you want to compete in an ever-changing dynamic market then our cigarette packaging machines provide the possibility to change over to different sizes and shapes of packages.

Marson’s group is a leading supplier of advanced cigarette packaging machines enabling our customers to stay the leading marketers in the tobacco industry. We are one of few companies that provides advanced high-quality machines for Soft cup and Hard box packing. We as quality cigarette making, and packing machinery providers in the tobacco industry offer a wide range of machines to suit your needs.

Our everlasting power is your aid so our company is confident enough to supply clients with high-quality machines and great service. The machines we provide are not only well-useable but also work at high speed to excel in packaging with their advanced mechanical and electrical technology. Hi-Tech machines provide premium quality packaging with perfection resulting in complete customer satisfaction and building relations for generations to come.

HLP-250 Hard Packing Machine

HLP-180 Hard Packing Machine

GD 4350 Hard/Soft Pack Wrapping Machine

CP-1 Hard/Soft Pack Wrapping Machine

Scandia Hard/Soft Pack Wrapping Machine

Molins Boxer

American Boxer

Marden Edward Side Seal Over Wrapper

Molins Stamper

Online Laser Jet printer

Sasib 3000 Soft Pack Packer

Sasib 6000 Soft Pack Packer Machine

GD X1 Soft Pack Packing Machine

GD X-2 Hard Pack Packing Machine

GD X-5 Soft Pack Packing Machine

GD4350 Wrapper and Boxer machine

GD C-600 Wrapper and Boxer machine

Marson's Group

is perceived universally as a leading manufacturer of premium quality cigarettes, filter and tobacco machines with modern facilities equipped under one roof to give the best cigarette machines, filter machines, tobacco processing machines, green leaf threshing machines, and parts for tobacco industry.