Molins Stamper

A Molins Stamper is a type of cigarette-making machine that is used in the tobacco industry to produce cigarettes. It typically consists of a series of mechanical components that process tobacco and other materials, such as paper and filters, to form cigarettes. 

The process starts with the feeding of tobacco and other materials into the machine, which are then cut and shaped into the desired size and shape. The cigarettes are then assembled and packaged for distribution. 

Model No.S-31913
Power2 KW
Dimensions(L*W*H) 2400x1400x1100mm
Voltage220 V/380 V
Weight0.3 tons
Productivity300 Stamps Per Minute

Molins Stamper machines are known for their high level of automation and efficiency, and are widely used in the tobacco industry for the production of cigarettes.