Cigarette Making Machines

Cigarette Making Machines

Marson’s group is one of the best companies that supply high-quality cigarette-making machinery. We understand the demand of markets and clients, in response to which we strive to deliver a quality product for cigarette manufacturing. Whether it be brand new machinery for cigarette manufacturing or overhauled running condition we have the expertise to provide a complete end-to-end solution for clients’ requirements.

A wide range of cigarette-making machines and filter rod machines from world-class machine manufacturers are available at Marson’s group. Comprehensive services we offer also include a wide range of second-hand manufacturing machinery from market availability to meet your requirements. Used cigarette manufacturing machines are a high-quality alternative for customers who want to keep down their investments as well as get excellent results.

We take pride in our internationally recognized products and as a leading manufacturer of tobacco products we thrive in the services and products we provide. Our machines are all about creating moments of great enjoyment by manufacturing premium quality cigarettes for smokers. Here you will find quality products of verified merchandise with competitively priced machines that produce high-quality cigarettes and are simple to operate and maintain. The machines are equipped with advanced technology for cigarette production.

Chinese Mark 8 with Max S

Molins Mark-9

Tray Filler

Hauni Protos 90/Max-90/ Tray Filler machine

Molins Max V Filter Attachment Unit

Molins Mark 8 Post/Max V

Molins Mark 8 Post

Marson's Group

is perceived universally as a leading manufacturer of premium quality cigarettes, filter and tobacco machines with modern facilities equipped under one roof to give the best cigarette machines, filter machines, tobacco processing machines, green leaf threshing machines, and parts for tobacco industry.