Molins Mark 8D/Max S

Molins Mark 8D Machine

The Mark 8D/Max S Cigarette making machine is an exceptional breakthrough in cigarette-making technology. This product combines advanced robotics and sophisticated algorithms to produce a consistently high quality, highly efficient production that saves businesses money every day. 

With features like direct input for raw material, electronic speed control and automatic packing/stacking configurations, the Molins Mark 8D ensures total flexibility with low maintenance costs and promotes a safe operating environment at all times.

Model No.MK8D/Max S
Power20 KW
Dimensions(L*W*H) 3250x1200x1800mm
Voltage220 V/380 V
Weight4 Tons
Productivity2500 Cigarette Per Minute


Molins Mark 8D /Max S Cigarette Machine

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