Molins Mark 8D/Max S

Molins Mark 8D Machine

The Mark 8D/Max S Cigarette making machine is an exceptional breakthrough in cigarette-making technology. This product combines advanced robotics and sophisticated algorithms to produce a consistently high quality, highly efficient production that saves businesses money every day. 

With features like direct input for raw material, electronic speed control and automatic packing/stacking configurations, the Molins Mark 8D ensures total flexibility with low maintenance costs and promotes a safe operating environment at all times.

Model No.MK8D/Max S
Power20 KW
Dimensions(L*W*H) 3250x1200x1800mm
Voltage220 V/380 V
Weight4 Tons
Productivity2500 Cigarette Per Minute


By leveraging our market-leading R&D capabilities into this revolutionary new design we have enabled customers of any scale access to automated solutions for reliable manufacturing processes across their operations. 

Invest today in the best value proposition on the market – upgrade your existing plant or establish a sustainable process from initial conception with just one decision – invest in the future of tobacco production; invest in Molins Mark 8d cigarette machines!